Find Your Centre: Mount Pearl City Renewal Plan

City of Mount Pearl

Picture this...

Find Your Centre is about making Mount Pearl a better city—for ourselves, and for future generations. Since the campaign launched in 2020, residents and businesses have been sharing their dreams and visions for a more liveable, more accessible, and more beautiful City Centre. Their ideas are reflected in the visual below, which maps out the transformation of Mount Pearl’s City Centre over the next 25-30 years.

The Concept

Click on the red areas of the map to learn more about what’s to come.

Centered on Success

With ample green space, riverside trails, and modern amenities all within walking distance, the Mount Pearl City Centre Renewal Plan is rooted in the 3 Rs: Recreation, Relaxation, and Retail!

The Waterford River: A soothing sight in the heart of Mount Pearl.

The T’Railway: A pedestrian passageway to St. John’s, Paradise and beyond.

Centennial Square: Mount Pearl’s municipal headquarters and business centre.

Commonwealth Avenue and Topsail Road: Mount Pearl’s commercial crossroads.

St. David’s Park: Vibrant park and premiere events facilities.

Stapleton Road Pool and Park Place Community Centre: Opportunities for evolution and growth.

Core Strength

Which factors determine a city’s liveability? Green space? Streetscapes? Infrastructure? The answer is: All of the Above. In any urban environment, each of these factors plays a role in providing a high quality of life. But combining these elements in a dynamic and thoughtfully designed way is the secret to creating a truly successful city—one with a rich shared identity, where citizens choose to live, work, play, and invest. In short, a strong core makes a good city great.

The Find Your Centre City Centre Renewal Plan is for those in the public and private realms who believe in the future of Mount Pearl’s City Centre and want to see it flourish and thrive. Your contribution can help build a vibrant core that fosters community pride and economic prosperity. It’s time to invest in the heart of Mount Pearl.

The Vision: Business, pleasure, and everything
in between.

Mount Pearl’s new City Centre will revolve around residents. Providing a high quality of life for citizens will be the focus of all future development in this area. As such, the plan comprises key municipal assets such as Centennial Square, St. David’s Park and the Waterford River. By merging the urban with the natural, the old with the new, and showcasing the best of what the city has to offer, this plan strikes a perfect balance of commerce and community that puts people first.

The Backstory

This plan is informed by insights gleaned from in-depth research and extensive stakeholder engagement, and incorporates the needs and desires of the businesses, stakeholders and everyday citizens the new City Centre is designed to serve.

The plan is founded on the six guiding principles explained to the right.

Networks: Build strong links between City Centre spaces.

Streets: Honour our streets as important public spaces.

The Square: Promote Centennial Square as the core of the City Centre.

The River: Improve the relationship between the river and adjacent spaces, while maintaining its natural beauty.

The Centre: Make the City Centre truly stand out.

Pedestrians: Increase walkability throughout the City Centre, especially its commercial corridors.


Public Spaces

What is a city without it’s public spaces? As a community comprised of more than 60 parks and playgrounds, Mount Pearl has a duty to embrace its identity as a “city within a park.” A high quality of life goes hand in hand with green space. And Mount Pearl’s got plenty of it.


The vibrancy and dynamism of an urban core is determined by the degree to which it can facilitate foot traffic and alternative modes of transportation. Mount Pearl’s new City Centre is one where the safety, convenience and comfort of pedestrians is paramount. This means striking a balance between their needs and those of motorists.

The Built Environment

Buildings play a significant role in how citizens work, live and play. They frame the streets and public spaces we all share on a daily basis and help to establish a community’s sense of place. The City Centre must encourage a high quality of urban form which, in turn, will lead to increased property values, desirable locations for business, and creating an improved built environment.

Invest in the Heart of Mount Pearl

The Find Your Centre City Centre Renewal Plan has the power to turn the City Centre into a model for urban development while encouraging investment through the creation of linkages, mixed-use development, and green space.

The City of Mount Pearl has committed to investing heavily in the City Centre’s public spaces over the coming decades. This investment will result in opportunities for commercial and private development with potential returns for investors. Concrete figures for year-over-year returns will be determined over time, as the plan continues to be implemented.

Your investment in Mount Pearl’s City Centre Renewal Plan over the next 25-30 years represents an exclusive business opportunity. The unique City Centre design—its mixed-use spaces, urban and natural amenities, and accessibility to amenities—will welcome a range of niche services related to culture, cuisine, goods and services, and more. The time is now to capitalize on this unique venture, the likes of which Mount Pearl has never seen.

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